Information for Patients

If you have been referred, or are seeking a referral to see Dr David Manohar.

For Patients

Booking your appointment

Before you make an appointment, please ensure you have a current referral from your GP or specialist. Please confirm your clinic location at the time of booking, as there are multiple clinic locations.

Should your require an appointment, please call 02 9521 2928 

What to Bring

  • A current referral from your GP or specialist.

  • Any relevant tests or scans, including blood tests, mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs or CTs you have had done.

  • Your Medicare and Private Health Fund details.

  • List of current medications and allergies.

  • Any questions you may wish to ask.

Urgent Appointments

Should your condition be urgent in nature, please inform us when making an appointment, and we will endeavour to organise a consult as soon as possible.

Contact us to make an appointment

Please contact us to make an appointment. A GP referral is needed.