Information for Referrers

At All Pain Care, Dr David Manohar and our team of specialists offer a wide range of services that can assist patients with all there pain needs.

For Referrers

Dr David Manohar’s speciality is the spine. However, he also treats other patient pain areas such as knee, ankle, hip, elbow, shoulder and wrist pain.

Should your require an urgent referral appointment, please call 02 9521 2928 

Services and Procedures

The team offers intervention procedures to complement patient management options

  • Management for spinal pain and musculoskeletal patients.
  • Advice regarding the appropriate use of pain medication.
  • Minimally invasive procedures for the management of spine problems and musculoskeletal problems
  • Assessments to improve function and ability

All procedures are performed under appropriate imaging and anaesthesia

  • Spinal Pain
  • Neck Thoracic
  • Lumbosacral
  • Sacro-iliac
  • Coccyx

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Facetal Pain- neural blockade to the medial branches of the posterior primary
  • Radicular Pain – Selective Nerve root sleeve blockade
  • Diagnostic Pain – Discography and discal block which I do routinely for
  • neurosurgeons.
  • Costo –Vertebral Joint – Diagnostic Infiltration
  • Sacro-iliac joint – Neural blockade to the nerve supplying the joint

Therapeutic Procedures

  • Facetal Pain – Pulsed RF and Cyro procedures to the medial branches of the posterior primary rami supplying the joint for a long term relief
  • Radicular Pain – Therapeutic Selective nerve root sleeve block
  • Discogenic Pain – Various procedures are available and preferences discussed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Reflex, Sympathetic Dystrophy